A Healthy Cervix: By: Feel?

What makes your cervix healthy? The length, the width, the amount of collagen vs muscle, the amount of mucus, the fact that you may have had prior surgery, or bacterial infections, or a viral infection such as Herpes. All those factors are important. But now we also look once again at whether being pregnant and having an induced abortion, a miscarriage or a pregnancy will detract from the health of your cervix. And the information is not always consistent in the medical research literature. But opening of the cervix, but whatever means is usually safe, but carries a small statistical risk of changing the cervix. It is not hard to feel one's own cervix, but making a diagnosis can be a bit more challenging. The" feel changing" might mean something, but most often it's a matter of not being familiar with the range of normal, and what the gyno would check out with a pap or pelvic examination. Especially using a speculum.


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