Baby Daddy STD Tests Recommended

Just stand back and be clinical for one moment. Lets say you were picking a sperm donor off a shelf and not just someone to hang with forever after. Just what tests are recommended for those donors?Actually, in the cases where women are using sperm donors, reputable organizations have weighed in on this topic.  The American Society for Reproductive Medicine actually has recommendations for the donors of banks: they need to be screened for syphilis, Hepatis B, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV. Interestingly they are also recommending screening for cytomegalovirus. Most banks will actually screen much more in depth. The list of tests the donors get for STDs at California Cryobank is more extensive.. In fact they say that less than 1% of their sperm donor applicants get accepted for actual donation when offering their sperm for sale! Now, which tests did you have your baby daddy get?! Something to gab about with the girls, right?


  1. This is why we joined FSDW - all of their 'DIY Baby' donors expect to get STD and HIV tested by recipients before they start trying. AI only - usually home self-insemination. We tried various free forums etc- but wanted a donor who didnt want sex- and who would get tested. Its free in the UK at any GU clinic- we pay a little for paper copy of results. Got to reduce the risks!

  2. And in the US the FDA, the ASRM, the ASTB, and many other organizations weigh in and recommend frozen sperm due to the ability to save and re-screen rather than the immediate test strategy. Often infections won't test positive for a while and this prevents those being transmitted. The California Cryobank site, which my gyno practice uses has excellent links and explanations of the current regulations. But it is interesting to know alternatives. Thanks for writing!


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