After Estrogen; Check Your Heart?

Cardio C Reactive Protein or CRP to some of you or C-CRP to some of you should be less than 1 (mg/L) or is sort of ok to be between 1 and 3. But should not be greater than 3 or ou may be at risk for heart disease. Taking estrogen, although if given right as you pass through menopause, will, pretty much universally, increase your C-CRP number, by about 1, so that means you move from low risk to moderate risk or from moderate risk to high risk depending upon your starting numbers. And the WHI study does say that it's pretty predictable that you will have heart events if you have those high numbers. I say, exercise, diet, weight, weight fluctuations, where your weight is, whether you take lipid lowering medicines, whether you take aspirin, and a few other factors do affect the overall risk of actual heart events. There's more than on way to 'skin the_____" (I just cannot type it)...anyway. Knowledge is power, and I do believe that we should check our levels whenever we make changes to both know where we have come from to help to understand where we are going.


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