Take It Don't Break It

Take your pills, don't break your contraception's effectiveness by stopping them! My top gyno guru, Dr David Grimes, is trying to teach me Latin again. "post hoc ergo propter hoc." I think it goes like this: if I tell you to expect a pill side effect, apparently you'll get that side effect. It has another word "nocebo" effect (is that just not a great scrabble word, I so struggle when I get the two o's and I just can't win with all those three point "too"s). Enough gabbing,back to the gyno. Side effects from the pill, are common, but are they mind over matter?It I tell you spotting is annoying, will you just get annoyed and stop your contraception like almost 1/3 pill users do each year. How likely will it be for you to get a headache for instance on the pill, well, no "placebo" studies ever really done Dr. Grimes points out in the current issue of Contraception. And he gets to the root of what plagues us. The FDA labeling. It's atrocious! I know we need to mention side effects, and for a doctor to down play them, well, considered shameful. But seriously, do you listen to that list of complications and effects they slap on pills . Shouldn't a car come with a "watch this you can seriously maim yourself and your loved ones" but car commercials come with the "don't try this at home" sort of thing. Like we have time to drive around those parking lots around snow cones, ok, well sometimes we do, but still! You need your contraception, so when those side effects start, get help don't just pitch! We can fix many of the annoying side effects. But first we have to figure out the root of the problem: like weight gain: xmas cookies v your pill. Hum, lets get back in the pool and just swim it off and we can make as many adjustments in the pill as you would like. Gab on!


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