Sex after Having a Hysterectomy.

Sexuality after hysterectomy. What should a woman expect? Is sex better, is it worse after having a hysterectomy? What have you heard? Every few years this is something gynos do look into. How we look at the issues of sexuality is an important determinant. A new study from Brazil seems to indicate that not all women need to feel desire, in the traditional sense, to feel satisfied. So understanding how to study our patient’s overall sexuality as well as her physical sexual function becomes In a study called “Hysterectomy and sexual well-being: prospective observational study of vaginal hysterectomy, subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, and total abdominal hysterectomy, by Drs Roovers, van der Bom, van der Vaart, and  Heintz in the British Medical Journal in 2003. Their patients had a variety of medical problems and they didn’t include women with prolapse or other pelvic floor disorders. They studied sexual pleasure, sexual activity and bothersome sexual problems. And found that it was about the same for all the operations and the chance of having some sexual complaint after surgery was about 40+% after all of these surgeries, for most women sexual pleasure improved, and improved after all the operations. Long term the women didn’t really change significantly, so no problems developed over time.Discuss your sexual function with your gyno before and after you have a hysterectomy and your surgery can be planned in light of how you function sexually.


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