Leg Beautiful Don't Just Look At Your Feet

As I write I'm propping my legs. Getting off your feet and getting circulation going to the heart is important. Most of us assume that if we have swollen ankles or bulging veins we were just in the dancing shoes a bit too long and a bit of a prop is all we need. And yes those two extra smores (my homage to Girl Scouts everywhere since it was the first recorded recipe ever for them in the 1927 Handbook! Anyone want to sell me a copy?) I ate couldn't have helped. Who knew chocolate and graham crackers have so much salt! As your gyno I tend to look even deeper for the source of your leg problems: ovarian cysts, constipation, blood clots, enlarged uteri, and cases of torsion or varicosities of the  pelvic veins as well as deep venous disease or blood clots. But eventually if, more commonly, nothing is found but venous insufficiency syndrome and unsightly leg veins, we can talk about the fix. More on that later!


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