Famous Diary Writers, What Does Your Gyno Wants You To Write?

I advise diary writing. For lots of reasons. Need hints from your gyno on what to write in your diary, well that line alone should give you some thoughts. Are you buying a lock and key for these diary pages? Should you write the verses that would launch a thousand ships? Or the start of the Great American Novel. Absolutely, go for it, but my actual advice to patients is more of a clinical gynecological issue. First keep track (a week or two is plenty for any of these projects!) of the calcium and vitamin D you consume.  It's tough to know whether you need a supplement unless you really know what is in your food. Don't assume that last year's calculations are accurate. more foods are fortified, and the amounts are not what they were, so read the labels: Read the labels AGAIN this year! Another type of diary I like is the voiding diary. How often do you urinate, any leaks, etc. If you have a problem, knowing the scope of the problem is important! And of course then the menstrual cycle charting is important!


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