What Women Want...In their IUD!

What do women want in an IUD? Cost effectiveness, yes! And the IUD is very  effective, although the initial cost is from $600 to $800 after the first year, tfda approved for 5 years, but studies show that the medication is effective for 7 years!he cost is essentially free! I then again, the Mirena IUD is great, it is f you want something that will last a long time. Mirena IUDs were even found as effective as the strongest known endometriosis medicine, Lupron, in at least one study. But what will the future bring, that is something to gab about!When women sit around and talk about their Mirena IUDs, apparently the topic of conversation goes (could go, should go) like this: what is really the ideal amount of progesterone. Do I have enough, do I have too little? What is the right amount of progesterone for my IUD? The Mirena, is the current progesterone based intrauterine contraceptive. The Progestasert by Alza Corporation actually contained natural progesterone, but it only lasted a year, vs the 5 years Mirena lasts and thus no one used it and the company quietly locked it away. In this time of all things bio-identical, no one really knows it exists!
Synthetics, at least as far as our intrauterine progesterones preferably is the way to go. When it comes to natural vs synthetic intrauterine progesterones are just all the heartier. But none the less, we are now seeking the right dosage for the right woman. Two new Mirena-lite IUDs are being evaluated, one a Fibroplant a medicated and frameless IUD is working it’s way through the trials, with less hormone is releases about a third less levonorgestrel (the progestegen in Mirena) that Mirena does, and the other a bit different and probably a similar dosage. There’s also the turbo-Mirena type being evaluated. The Femilis, its got 60 instead of 52 mg of the levonorgestrel in the device although serum blood levels are not measuring much different.


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