Stop Ectopic Pregnancies...Get an IUD?

Do IUDs cause tubal pregnancy or can they actually stop tubal pregnancies. The most common reasons for tubal pregnancies are actually STDs causing disruption of the fallopian tube. Have I mistyped? Misled? Maybe it’s just the old “lies or statistics” ploy gynos use to confuse the issue when you think you’ve really learned everything you could and are ready for your “final answer” to that contraception question. We know that IUDs prevent pregnancy. Prevention of pregnancy prevents BOTH tubal and intrauterine pregnancies. But they have always been better at preventing tubal pregnancies than in preventing intrauterine pregnancies. But if you want to improve on an already good system: Mirena IUD has a lower tubal pregnancy rate than the non-medicated IUDs. Lowering the rate from pretty close to 1/100 to about 1/1000. Ten times better, that’s progress.


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