Post Endometrial Ablation Bleeding Fixes

If you had an ablation and are still bleeding, my most common consultative question is why. First of all, what procedure did you have, how long ago, what was the diagnosis you were given when you had your procedure and then we look deeper into what is going on now. In fact, the most important aspects of your case are going to be what is happening with your body now. For instance: do you have a structural cause, specifically are you ovulating regularly, and having still heavy but otherwise bleeding at regular intervals. What if you have been diagnosed with overly thick uterine lining like the diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasias, or do you have glands within the wall of the uterus a condition called adenomyosis, or bleeding disorders, or infections? Have you newly been placed on medicine for another condition that will actually be acting like a blood thinner? If never stopped bleeding, that is perhaps directly related to the procedure. So there are many reasons, and a few blood tests, some infection tests, an ultrasound, and a biopsy of your uterine lining tissue may be some of the ways your gyno can sort this out.


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