A Possible Treatment For An Intolerable Problem

Persimmons Fresh from the Garden
Leaking Poop. No other way to say it. If this happens regularly, for whatever reason, it becomes intolerable. So intolerable a huge percentage of women won't even discuss with their gynos. Women as they age have come to learn that reduced bladder function, and occasionally peeing in one's pants, well, just happens, and even that is often not discussed with primary care providers, but studies show some women won't even be able to muster up that conversation. Occassionallly they sneak in a mention with overactive bladder questions. And you certainly aren't admitting it's why you avoid social situations and travel! Few gyno journals ever discuss the intolerable problem of leaking poop. But one Mayo Clinic study has tried out, in a dozen patients, a treatment with Clonidine, a medication, used for hypertension, and off label hot flash treatments, and has now been shown to help a bit with diarrhea based IBS as well! IBS patients are likely to have the IBS symptoms, and the bit of leak, so that is an extra benefit!


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