Patient Perfect? (Hand in Hand with the Gyno)

Patients and their gynos should be working hand in hand. When you walk into your gynos office we expect a lot from you. Not just, the ok, fess up right now: how many partners, what sex were they, did you use protection, have you been watching your fat, your salt, have you been to the gym. It does go beyond that. We want you to give us not only this bare all truthful information about your medical, nutritional, exercise, gyno and sexual history, but we need a lot of truthful information about your background, and your family. Patient perfect isn’t hat you necessarily know what is relevant to tell us. Patients are so knowledgeable these days from their advanced medical surfing we may forget, but patients aren’t required to understand the full nature and scope of their medical problems and our questions. So be sure you speak up, ask us to clarify. Hopefully, our discussions can get the relevant information to us. And so scheduling the right type of appointments will help us make the time to do the CSI on your case if we have to or just get to know each other. And when the visit is done, we are hoping you follow our advice, and if things turn for the worse we need you to seek prompt medical attention.


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