Eating For Baby, Before You Are Pregnant

The pre-pregnancy gyno visit has been discussed several times before.Is the baby bed ready? and the amount your should gain  
and then there are recommendations about what your guy needs nutritionally . So it was a bit stunning when we had a news report from the New England Journal of Medicine that the medicines commonly used for heart burn taken a month before getting pregnant increased a woman's odds of birth defects. We know we 'are what we eat', and we know we are born with all the eggs we are ever going to have, so it's not that surprising that this should be true. While studies of this nature cannot explain the finding, they can just point to associations, it is important to be sure that medications you are using are used at the lowest possible dosage, for the shortest possible amount of time. And just exactly what type of diet to follow> In the November 2011 Fertility and Sterility journal it was shown that those who eat Mediterranean-type diets were less likely to be infertile! It does make sense, these diets are less likely to have the high fat content and high sugar content so that your insulin system is enhanced which improves ovulation. And all of this adds up to another reason to see your gyno and to keep tabs on your health and nutrition, and to contracept effectively until ready to plan your pregnancy.


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