Cervical Attack? Like a Heart Attack?

Nitric oxide is a powerful substance that is distributed widely throughout our bodies. It’s function has just begun to be understood. One can almost think of it as a hormone. It can at least be thought of as a regulatory molecule. When released it can regulate the rate of the heart, the flow of our blood, our blood pressure, the amount of fluid that seeps outside our blood stream, and on the smallest scale, directly in blood vessels and organs, it can be a potent influence on one’s health. Yet you’ve probably never heard of it, you’ve certainly never been tested for it, and it’s not even clear how one would go about making corrections to the amount of nitric oxide we have or how it gets regulated. Yet, nitric oxide may be as important to the health of our gyno world as any of the more recognizable hormones. And not just through making sure we have appropriate blood flow, although that does help! Estrogen and progesterone have nitric oxide regulatory functions at the basic level.


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