Women VS Men

How different are we? What's your favorite statistic? Here's one you may or may not know/ Young men are 50% more likely to get appendicitis as a young women. Any guesses why? Seriously, any guesses why? I don't know. So if you have a favorite girls vs boys stat, gab it over here. I need to hear it!


  1. Okay this isn't exactly on point, but a couple of doctors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have started treating appendicitis with antibiotics instead of surgery and are getting good results. Obviously this isn't an option if it looks like a rupture is imminent but it's very interesting.

    For the male versus female incidence question - could testosterone somehow irritate the tissue of the appendix?

  2. Very interesting that physicians are trying to diagnose and treat appendicitis early in the sequence with antibiotics and avoid surgery. That proposes a whole new set of questions/answers/theories. Taking into consideration that a significant number of infections resolve with no treatment (all kinds)at all, other than our immune system, we have to realize that following statistics can be greatly altered when these new strategies come in. So in the Men VS Women debate we start to get back to nature vs nurture. Do men fight off low grade infections worse because they have a worse immune system or do they just not present for care until they have to have surgery? Maybe some cases were already being "treated" by antibiotics thinking gastroenteritis or something. We know that hormones do interact with the immune system, and whether estrogen or testosterone is the better basis for immune boost, that would be my thought. I bet there is some research on that topic, so I need to get with my librarian, and get back to you!


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