Why test for fertility if you aren't trying to get pregnant, now or ever?

It's October And We Wear Pink Because We Fear What Pink Implies. It's October and We Fear What Pink Means: Breast Cancer. But in spite of the seriousness of the breast cancer issue we need to continually remember that as women we are more at risk for cardiac disease. We are at risk, we don't always get tested for it, and we aren't always tested properly for it. Now this is a huge topic, and we will be gabbing about this for decades to come in lots of posts, and stories of how women had just the softest of symptoms and were not diagnosed are rampant out there. But now the gynecologists have something to say about getting your heart tested: by way of: Your Ovaries! Turns out if you go through premature menopause you are at risk for cardiovascular disease. And that happens to be something that we can test for. Estrogen protects the hearts of young women. And if you still have estrogen, and as a side note are doing your best to not have completely blocked up your veins and arteries with clogs, then estrogen does a really good job of protecting your heart. Premature menopause can look just like regular menopause in general terms: no more periods: but it's not just skipping a period or tow that is no good for our heart as we age. It's that premature running out of eggs and over all decrease of monthly production estrogen. And yes, your gynecologist can test these things for you. FSH early in the cycle really should be under 10 but over 20 mIU/mL is what is most abnormal in young women, but there are over theses as well. So Ovarian reserve is more to a woman than just her baby making ability.


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