Vaginal Microbiome Project, Seeks Secrets of the Good and the Bad Bacteria of the Vagina

Preterm birth is most often caused by infections says a group looking at ways to prevent all preterm births. But one thing they have not gotten is a way to prevent these infections. Research still has to answer how we can prevent these pregnancy associated infections. Back in the early days of the bacterial buggy squads, they plodded along, looking at one bacteria at a time. New studies point out that they can now look at hundreds. The Canadians have had serious birthing issues and the problem required not just mounted police, it required the Microbiome squad to come and investigate what was causing an alarming rise in the rate of premature births in the country. The Canadian project work has just begun, and they will likely have many a ream of publications for us to review before they are done. The NIH has launched it's Microbiome project as well. This is the most exciting progress in understanding vaginal physiology that has come around in a long time. We will watch these Projects with great interest, as we both seek balance in our lives!


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