Tofu for Lunch Again? You May Need to Adjust Your Thyroid Medication Dosage

Whenever we take medication we have to watch for those drug to drug interactions. We have instructions as to whether to take our medicine with food or not, but too often we aren't told what foods can actually interfere with the medication effectiveness. Much fuss is made over not taking your bone medicament with food, but did you know that you are not supposed to eat for the first 30 minutes after you take thyroid medication? And now there is advice about what sorts of food. Tofu and other soy based foods have genistein and isoflavones. There has been some lab research showing that genistein and other isoflavones may decrease thyroid-hormone production even from women with healthy functioning thyroid glands.Soy in food like tofu and soy milk, soy in supplements and soy components in extracts like genitstein may vary greatly in their isoflavone content. This has continued to confuse the issue of whether soy interfere with thyroid hormone production or action. Thyroid blood tests are known to be an accurate measurement of the gland function, so when you wonder what effect your diet has, you need to get your blood levels checked. In some women the presence of thyroid antiboidies in their blood may precede the development of actual thyroid disease. And at Womens's Health Practice we try tips to increase your thyroid absorption: you can chew it or you can crush it and drink it in water (but you can't let that water stand, chow it right down!).


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