Suddenly Even More Excess Hair?

Excess hair growth where it doesn't belong on our lip or chin or upper chest is annoying. And while the hair on your legs and under your arms may be getting more sparse, overgrowth in other body areas is sometimes a medical problem. What now you ask? Suddenly you are seeing more excess hair, and you want to know what has changed. Your first thought is that you now have a hormone imbalance? Perhaps? Perhaps women who now notice they have excess hair have a missed diagnosis of polycystic ovaries called PCOS? Maybe, and we've discussed that condition in several other posts. But excess hair growth is affected by glands other than just our ovaries. So you wonder if you have adrenal gland abnormalities, adrenal gland stress? Perhaps as well. It can't be aging, we think PCOS might actually get a bit better with age. But a hidden source of abnormalities was pointed out by Dr. Elise Olsen a Merck & Co consultant and an Investigator for Eisai Pharmaceuticals and a Dermatopharmacologist at Duke: drug exposures! Many medications have unwanted hair growth as a side effect. And that can not only be a problem to treat, but pose a problem for the cure! So be sure to check that medicine cabinet, and read the labels before you bop to our spa for waxing or laser hair removal!


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