PPT: A year after the Baby The Diagnosis May Fade, But Thyroid Disease Can Account for Some "New Mom" Symptoms

Everyone knows that new moms are jittery, tired, they loose weight (it's just the baby fat??), they can be a bit snappy, and down right anxious, and it's 'normal'. But not every new mom has those symptoms to the same extent and for some new moms they have a condition called PPT. But those signs according to a recent report and updating a report that was originally reported in the J of Clinical Endocrinology in 2002 could be due to a post partum flare of thyroiditis (PPT) , or a condition of abnormal thyroid hormone production that only occurs in the first weeks to months after a birth. It was reported by Dr. Alex Stagnaro-Green and they also discovered that antibodies to thyroid perooxidase in early pregnancy can predict who is most likely to get this disease, and that those with Type 1 diabetes were more likely to have the thyroid conditions as well. Even other thyroid diseases such as Graves disease  are more likely to flare post partum. It's not likely to be a thyroid condition just because new mom snapped when you bunched the diaper wrong again, but then again, sometimes tests can just settle the question once and for all! Were you diagnosed with post partum thyroid condition? We'd love for you to share your story.


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