One Apple, Two Exercise Principles and Three Sets of Kegel's

Chocolate Brownie Treat
The Gyno Gab 1,2,3 of basic health:  The apple (representing that basic healthful and small diet), relatively high in nutrients, high in fiber, high in water, and of course low in calories. The two exercise principles: 30 minutes a day, every day, and then for the pelvic floor: three sets a day of about 10 maximum pelvic floor muscle contractions per day.Very simple procedures to incorporate into your daily diet. And of course, rare, warm from the oven homemade treats! Do that for awhile and then we can gab about  the stretching, your cholesterol, your blood pressure, and your sun screen in the next lesson! In lesson three: we'll get to the stress reduction, the improvement in sex, and yes, the gyno tests like pap ,HPV tests, Halo breast tests, blood work, and mammograms!


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