Menstrual Pains, and Not the Monthly Kind

 Lower abdominal pains, and cramps during your times when you are not on your period are more insidious and much more difficult to diagnose than the cramps of your period or dysmenorrhea. But if you are getting bleeding and pain, and it's not really cyclic, something more significant may be going on. It many not even be the uterus, it could be the bladder, your fallopian tubs, the ovaries, the bowel, or a condition in the abdomen itself. But Tracking symptoms is one step closer to you and your gyno getting to the bottom of this, so that is what you should do first. Be your own reporter: Who (which part who), What (type of pain, crampy, sharp, etc), When (eating, peeing?sex?), Where (lower abdomen, all over?), and Why...what were you just doing. Then you and your gyno can go forth and fix!


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