How Breastfeeding Prevents Breast Cancer

When the cells of your breast get  altered to gear up for breast feeding their biologic properties change. From that time on they spend more time in the repair phase of the cycle so that they can fight off the DNA changes that can cause cancer. If your first pregnancy occurs late in life, some of the DNA changes that already exist pay actually be promoted to live on, so the breastfeeding effect is both diminished and potentially not effective at all.


  1. Can someone tell me if hematometra is harmful. Can it kill u? My stomach has bloated up in a matter of 2 days and is very tight, does anyone know if this is normal im scheduled for the procedure in 2 wks so what should I do?

  2. For the reader asking about hematometra, please refer to posts on endometrial ablation for more information. Some cases of hematometra can lead to infections and significant pain. In other cases hematometra is an 'incidental' finding and doesn't need therapy.It is not a common outcome to ablation, and most women are very happy with their endometrial ablation procedure.


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