Gabbiest of Gyno Gabbers

According to the the field of evaluative bibliometric experts in the field of gynecologist in the past 50 years the most often quoted gynecologic articles came from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In fact of thse top 100 articles, 49% came from this journal, and this was published in the October issue of this same journal! When gynos get together they talk gyno about half the time, and they gab about obstetrics the other half. If you go on what is purely quoted and re quoted and then quoted again, it would seem that articles based on observations alone seem to be the most influential, and not those articles based on the most scientific rigor. Now this may not be the best way to judge the impact a research paper has, it just happens to be how the evaluative bibliometric specialists spend their entire career insisting it is! I find it interesting any way.


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