Optimal Health Post Surgery Means Lung Health Too

After surgery it is important to have proper lung health. This is most true after long and complex surgeries, but it can be true for shorter surgeries like hysteroscopy, breast biopsies, endometrial ablations, or D and C. We know that some complications are therefore related to the procedure you are undergoing, other complications are related to factors that are most certainly under your own control! If you are a smoker gynos would like to see you not smoke for the two weeks leading in and out of your surgery, although they are not always planned so conveniently! Procedure related complications can result even if the incision stayed well away from the chest wall. Incisions lead to chemical signals that send nerves through a central path way via nerves in our organs and muscles that in turn issue reflexes that can inhibit deep breathing. And pain can prevent a woman from taking the deep breaths she needs to take to keep her lungs properly inflated and safer from infection. So when you are about to have surgery, speak to your physician and nursing staff about how you can lower your risk of lung complications.


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