You think you have a bladder infection? Did you pee in a cup, twice?

Bladder cultures are often considered the standard of care for detection of infection when you've got the symptoms, or when you don't have the symptoms. In fact the concept of asymptomatic bacteriura has been well accepted by gynos for many years. But just what does that culture mean? How many organisms can your lab test for, and how accurate that testing is aside, there is more two it. According to a landmark study by Kass in the 1960s, if you just test a woman for the second time, at least a 5th will not have a positive culture if you actually test the second time. Humm, what's up here? Just cleaning better after we've done it the second time, yes, that honestly is a contributing factor. So when you have an infection, and you want to avoid antibiotics, maybe a second test is in order. One thing is for sure, no test, is probably a lot less accurate one way or the other.


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