When Are You Due? A New Reason to Plan

Don't be too causal about conceiving, your gyno is going to want a lot more. If you were just planning to pop off pills and then if and when you either get your period or get pregnant, you'll be OK, you gyno has different advice. New studies warn that fixing your due date in time is more than just an ultrasound study, they are going to want to know, what were your cycles like, when was your last period, and when did you have sex. Because really knowing exactly when you are due is important to the health of your pregnancy.  It is safer and better to really know your last period, rather than to only date a pregnancy based on ultrasound measurements for those who do not really know their last period. It also helps to figure out what medicines you have taken, or what illnesses you may have been exposed to if you really know your last period. Determining the due date of your pregnancy based on ultrasound measurements are powered for weeks of gestation and ethnic patient mix, but have not been powered for girls vs boys. And here it is again, boy babies and girl babies are different with respect to the length of their pregnancy! And even in the second trimester of pregnancy these differences can be important causing girl baby dating by ultrasound alone to be less accurate, because they are already a bit smaller than boy babies. In one Swedish study just published they pointed out potential risks of letting girl babies go over due thinking they are younger than they really were. Just when we are pushing for later inductions....it's the old push-me-pull-you problem of gynecology! So help your gyno, keep track of your cycles, if you would like a graph to use, look for one at http://www.womenshealthpractice.com 


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