What the Feds Want

they want 150 minutes a week. Exercise. And don't think they're being tough on you missies, because the Institute of Medicine exercise guidelines, that 's 150 minutes a week! Just read it and do it! But it is not a solution to the battle of the bulge...and we do not mean the last German offensive which commenced on Dec 14th 1944, we mean that usurped phraseology...us 1/3 Americans that bulge over the recommended weight guidelines. and the newest study, publed in JAMA in the March 24th issue this year (2010), by Boston VA research team explains that those who exercise all along are less likely to have weight problems. BUT if you have lost the battle, it's not going to get you back. Exercise, without caloric restriction, will not reduce weight in those who are obese. And that your 150 minutes a week that the Feds want, that was ok to lower your risk of serious chronic diseases, but it wasn't really enough to prevent the creep of the bulge. I think I'm going to reread my history, after all, who won the war?


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