The Three Day Test of Cure

If you had bladder issues: running to the bathroom, leaking when you cough and sneeze, there's one proof of function: tracking your symptoms. What you want to know is what is really cured after bladder surgery? What can you expect, what might you not expect, what does your gyno expect? These are questions for all types of bladder issues. And the simplest way isto determine what your bladder function is for you to keep what is called a bladder diary. And you just keep track of all peeing, and many will keep track of their fluid intake as well, so they can gauge how much you would have expected to void. If you were treated, for instance a surgery, and now keep track of your symptoms after the surgery, and  have not leaked AND are not getting retreated in a three day stretch, that's called  the cure in terms of your bladder. Not that you will never have any future symptoms, and not all three day stretches strung together will even be as dry or functional as you want, but a good three day stretch is the cure we are looking for when the bladder ooops are surgically corrected. As for the overall satisfaction, it's high about 60 to 80% of women will feel like they are "cured,". Others will still have the symptoms of urge or chronic bladder infections and other various conditions that may need evaluation, and or medication.


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