passing the drinks affects everyone's (breasts) differently

In the news is a lot of advice about what to do, and a bit about what not to do. Often the recommendations seem contrary. On one hand someone who smokes may have lower estrogen level, so thought to decrease breast cancer risk, but on the other hand, all the other bad effects of smoke seem to outweigh that supposed benefit and cause the smoker to have a greater breast cancer risk. Same too with alcohol. Recent studies indicated the more one drinks the more likely you will have a breast cancer recurrence, but what if you are in a cardiac risk group, alcohol may decrease risk and provide what gynos call "cardioprotection." I'd say take up yoga and lap swimming, you'll be better off. . And perhaps it's not just what you do that causes breast cancer, but causes your doc to not detect the breast cancer. For instance low dose hormone replacement therapy can still cause increased breast density, for up to 5 years after you stop, that can obscure a developing breast cancer. Best advice is individual advice, and when patients and their gynos want to talk, be sure to schedule the right sort of appointment, one with enough time to talk as we know that hormones, alcohol and even exercise affects everyone differently!


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