A Fix on Your Fibroid: Why your fibroid is like a ball of yarn

Is that gyno of yours gabbing away in gyno-isms blah blah blah, who can understand these biologic neologisms? So if you need to fix in on some fibroid terminology, just read on. Fibroid tumors are simple muscle knots that grow from the wall of the uterus itself. The uterus is essentially a three layer structure: the lining, or endometrium (you shed it during your periods), the muscle wall or myometrium, and then the thinnest of coverings called the serosa, sort of a shinny skin layering. Fibroids only grow from the myometrium, and they are either poking under the endometrium into the cavity of the uterus, entrapped within the wall, or sticking out the top. But we use other terms, we call the ones within the wall intramural, and those poking out the top subserosal, and those poking into the cavity submucosal.We need to know in case we are planning an endometrial ablation or other treatment And if the fibroid is within the wall but pokes out the top, we don’t split hairs, we just go ahead and say, if over 50% pokes through the top of the uterus it counts as serosal, otherwise, count it as within the wall. Most fibroids are round. Physics dictates that, well, we think so anyway. Kind of like when we wind our skeins of yarn and poof it’s a nice ball, well, don’t take the brilliant credit, physics just layers that guy right out and you don’t need to be so careful at all, but you get close, and, ah, no pun intended, nature does the rest. Well fibroid muscle knots are much the same way. The long spindle shaped cells begin whirling around themselves and poof, nice round circles of fibroids results. Now fibroids, unlike that dainty ball of yarn, is living tissue, and it does need to be fed, and this is where blood supply, and lack of blood supply, and fibroids competing for blood supply start to play off of each other, not to mention hormonal factors, and thus, some that start nice and round, may eventually be a bit lima bean shaped. But then again, now that I’m looking at that fancy boucle yarn ball, it dos sort of look like a bean too! Does that help you get a fix on all those finicky fibroid shapes? I hope so, if not, come on in to talk with your gyno, she’ll clarify.


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