Do bigger fibroids grow faster or slower than a small fibroid?

It has been of great interest to know if a woman has a fibroid, how long will she keep this fibroid the size it is, or will it grow, and what size will it end up. All great geometric puzzels for your gyno. Apparently the bigger fibroids do grow faster than the smaller ones according to a study in ultrasound obstetrics and gyn done in 2010 and published from a study group in London And if the fibroids’ chromosomes have gotten confused, and there is a translocation at 13,14 then they get even bigger, and if the fibroid tumor had a mix of abnormal and normal cells, then in fact the fibroids were a bit more likely to be just a bit bigger than fibroids with normal chromosome counts. Interesting.


  1. in the uterus and a fibroid the translation - you have) is a growth (or fibroids in the uterus.



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