Breast Feeding Women Can Use NuvaRing or the Patch, New Advice!

At your 6 week check up after your delivery the firs thing your gyno will ask is how to protect yourself against getting pregnant too soon. For many women who have successfully used the pill in the past they are offered progesterone only pills (POP) because it is though that without estrogen there is no chance of interfering with the milk supply. POPs have a lot of benefits, they do not interfere with milk supply and they don't increase the clotting factors from the liver thus less blood clot risk, so they have been the traditional recommendation for the breastfeeding woman. But they can make some women moody, they cause break thorough bleeding (BTB) and they can have very slightly higher failure rates. If you are over a month post partum, and you have established milk you can begin combination hormonal contraception. CDC has even upgraded this to a level 2...meaning that the advantages generally outweigh the theoretical or proven risks. This would include combination birth control pills, the NuvaRing, the OrthoEvra Patch in addition to the progesterone only pills we have been using for several decades. If you are over 35, and you smoke less than 15 cigarettes per day, you can use these methods as well, but remember, this is a category 3 recommendation: that is the risks of the method might outweigh the benefits.


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