Bone Health For Smokers, and Other Warnings

There has been a new link proposed between the use of bisphosphonates and esophageal cancer, already one of the smoking linked cancers. So remember, like with other cancers, it's important to have your individual risk profile looked at by your own gyno. The link was the strongest if a woman had filled over 10 prescriptions, essentially the amount you'd fill if you were on the  medication for at least 5 years. Again, remember, most drug approvals are based on 1-3 year data, rarely longer. Although longer studies are published, it's not always possible to know the effects of very long term medication use without careful follow up. So when you see your gyno next, ask about what things you can do to overall reduce your chances of long term harm from long term medication use. Remember with every medicine we talk about the "risk benefit ratio." Make sure the benefit part of your equation is the heavily weighted part!


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