The 50-50 Facts of Diabetes in Pregnancy

Test for the next 20 years if you have become a diabetic in pregnancy because you have about a 50% chance of becoming a diabetic in that time. At the turn of the last century a young Massachusetts researcher Dr. Elliot Joslin began to do pioneering work in diabetes. A few years later an energetic young women named Priscilla White joined his practice and was assigned worked with the children who had diabetes, it became clear to her the links with the family and the mom, and soon she was off and inventing what is basically still used today (in a modified form) known as the White classification of gestational, or diabetes in, pregnancy. And she quickly realized that it was the half of diabetics that have significant blood abnormalities that have the worse outcomes. The fifty fifty facts of what happens to those babies is that even in early pg there is about 25% risk of malformations if the sugar is out of control and there is about a 25% risk of miscarriage for the same reason. So in fact, about half the eggs conceived have risks if your sugar level is significantly off when you conceive. Other aspects of your pregnancy can be affected as well, you are at least 50% more likely to get a bladder infection during pregnancy (actually some studies would bump that figure all the way up to double risk). A study published in March of 2012 also reveals that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are more likely to become diabetic in pregnancy and that these women are also more likely to stay diabetic after the pregnancy is over.  All the more reason to see your gyno before you get pregnant.


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