Safety in Numbers? Depends on What You are Counting

Less is more when it comes to the numbers of time you deliver by C-section when looking at some complications. After your first Cesarean delivery you are at greater risk for interal organ scaring and therefor also at great risk to have alonger operating time during your next Cesarean delivery. The scar tissue that develops is usually between the uterus and the wall of the abdomen or between the uterus and the  bladder. After two or more C-sections the operating time extensions are longer and more significant than after just one in a study by Dr. Togas Tulandi of McGill University of Montreal Quebec.But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are trying to emphasize this as part of their revised  formal position on VBAC after a second C-section. They are now saying it is probably as safe as VBAC after one C-section, as it is to have many women VBAC after two C-sections, and the gain for the woman is in prevention of the operative compications that are more likely after multiple C-sections which is very important.


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