Quebecers Rally Again for Asprin Use

Two persistent problems of pregnancy have plagued parturants perpetually. Preeclampsia and Growth Restriction, primarily in primagravidas.The problem seems to lie in the placenta. The actual causes of these conditions remains an enigma. We have struggled for years with the cause. Some suggesting a worm could actually cause preeclampsia. One thing is for sure, the placenta is the 9 month baby bottle, and if the nutrients cannot pass, the baby cannot grow. So it stands to reason any treatment that can free flow the passage of nutrients through clogged vessels will help feed the baby. This has been looked at inconclusively many times before. But in the recent Obstetrics and Gynecology publication there was a definite reduction in the rates of these two serious problems of pregnancy with daily low dose aspirin. The research group from Quebec studied a high risk population. If you are low risk, then treatment may incur risks that you wouldn't need to prevent a condition you are unlikely to get, so do not try this without physician supervision! And the supervision began very early for many, it even began during infertility treatment, for others the treatments began in the first trimester. But one thing is always clear in pregnancy. Prenatal care is vital to your health, and when symptoms change, see your physician.


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