Mirena IUD and Endometriosis

Belts and Suspenders, One of My Favorite Pants Tricks, Works for Endometriosis Too! How to best treat endometriosis is highly debated. Giving strong medication like Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH, more commonly known as Lupron) may be too strong for many although is is the "top of the line" treatment. For others its the male hormone danazol which is their best treatment, but also strong. For many there is no tolerance for the stronger  medications without taking birth control pills as well. The birth control pills will not hurt the effectiveness of Lupron, and the progesterone in the pills might enhance the effectiveness. And if you think that you want to grab both a belt and suspenders so that you're not so likely to ever be caught loosing those pants, you're thinking is kind of like mine some times. That 'back up plan' mentality, probably instilled by our moms, or our public post-depression mentality. However, as with all the wittiest sayings, it applies in gynecology as well. A new study has just shown that actually using a Mirena IUD (LNG-IUD, or LNG-IUS to the savvy gyno gabbers out there) at the same time you are on DMPA (Depo medroxyprogesterone acetate) can actually help relieve endometriosis pain. And it can work for women who are taking Lupron or danazol as well.  Now what your insurance company has to say about this double duty contraception protection, who knows, but it might be a solution if you are finding yourself trying to avoid surgery and in a situation with non-responsive endometriosis pain! In our office we offer discounts for cash services, so that it may be worth finding out if you can aford better coverage by that plan as well. What have you found that works for your endometriosis treatment?


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