Why Pajot is Lovable, late nites with 19th century obstetrical texts on line

So, if you were a French atelier in the 19th century you were known for one of a kind custom garments if you were an obstetrician you were known for your personal design of your forceps. And by the late 19th century, the French physician who was known not only by his unique designs, but also by the flourish of his forceps maneuverings..the pajot manoeuvre. Dr. Charles Pajot was a consummate multitasker. He was a keen angler, and one of his designs for an instrument to use in the gravest of situations was based on a mere fishing hook. Another example of his multitasking was that he liked to fish under the Pont Marie by moonlight, the local spot for suicides, and was known for rescuing jumpers regularly! It was unlikely that he actually delivered Henriette Rosine Bernard, the dramatic daughter of the lawyer Edouard Bernard born in October of 1844, as Charles was only two years out of the University and wasn’t made professor of obstetrics and gynecology until 1863. You may know her as the over the top Sarah Bernard. Surely they crossed paths. But I was thinking this as I read the dramatic flare with which the pages of the Practical Manual Of Obstetrics from 1884 were written. Available at the flick of my finger with my google free ebook right on my laptop, so cool. Dr. Pajot was quite the Sara Bernard himself. There are lines regarding the births of American savages and how easily they birth, and the careful study he had made of pelvic curves various ethnic women and then illustrated the teachings with with elegant and precise pelvic anatomic drawings. And finally, he cautions beginner physicians not to do the nurse work of wiping clean the babies after the delivery. It is beneath their dignity, and being obliged to do everything when a beginner and practicing only on poor families early on it could set their future for the rest of their career. Got to hand it to the old guys, so lovable in just how out they found clarity in speaking their minds no matter how bizarre those social conventions were!


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