Wear Manchester Velvet

If you want to give a wink to reproductive freedoms, and a bit of a historical put down, while siding with a very stand up guy, I suggest you pull out one of those comfy jackets that just doesn't go out of style. It should be made of Manchester Velvet. Manchester velvets which were made of cotton first appear in London in the 1750s and by the Boston Tea Party in 1773, it was still not a fabric seen in the American Fashion houses. And when Benjamin Franklin stood up to the then ruling government, and was reported by his biographer Edmund Morgan to have been wearing a full dress suit of the stuff, he must have cut quite the figure. Franklin, to give the full force of his statement, pulled on his Manchester velvet to discuss the American position to what the ruling elite was imposing. Later Mr. Franklin got down right gynecological when he referred to English tactics as "castrating" (sort of gynecological in that we try to avoid this!). So whether you are celebrating or contradicting the tea tippers today, don't forget to give a bit of nod to the history of some of nation's greatest moments identiy explored and developed.


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