Swimming Pools in Summer

Exercise regimens are the healthiest when you have three major components: stretching, strengthening, aerobic challenge. Then you need some sun screen (head to my spa, my gals will explain why powders can beat creams, but more is better than less!), and to increase the challenge of the workout, and vary the workouts. Simple? Dive in, I'll race you to the boards.


  1. for someone prone to yeast infection and/or viginities, would going to the pool be a risk factor?

  2. Swimming is a fabulous exercise: exercises many muscle groups, is aerobic, can be adapted to many physical needs, get into the pool, everyone, that's my motto. As for being prone to yeast infections, in many studies swimming has been a "risk marker" in other words, yes, slightly increased rates of infections if you swim. Those sorts of studies can just show associations, but do not determine the nature of WHY. Yeast infections are caused by Candida albicans (most all are that is), an organism that may live in the vagina without causing an infection. If environmental conditions permit, the yeast organisms over grow their normal colony numbers and an infection results. Some women who sit around in a warm environment, with a wet suit, perhaps getting dehydrated, not eating well either, then yes, these conditions might predispose. Just swimming, probably is not eitologic. Consult your own gyno for a work up.


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