Stop the Sweat Drip

From Glisten and Glow
Do you have 2 million or do you have 24 million sweat glands? Either way, we can actually produce up to 10 liters of sweat a day. Impressive. It's necessary to have bacteria around to product the odors we think of as associated with our sweat. We do swat salt with our water, but actually the ducts in the sweat glands reabsorbs most of the salt, so we don't loose enough to be dangerous, on a typical day. There are three cell types, the clear, the mucoid and the myoepithelial ones. Being dehydrated will decrease your sweating but that is not a pleasant or healthy way to do it. Not moving much and of course being cool with air conditioning or in a pool will decrease the amount you perspire. There are medical grade antiperspirants that will help with this also. For when that won't work you can use Botox. The ingredient in Botox which is Botulinum toxin prevents the actylcholine release and it's what is usually secreted in response to sympathetic nerves. This can be used under your arms, in the groin area, on the forehead or on the palms to decrease sweating. The most common use of Botox for decreasing sweating is under the arms, which is very effective, and only has to be repeated every 6-12 months for most individual. Risks and side effects can be discussed with your provider at your next visit.


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