Shake the cramps off? Waist Jiggling Just Good for the Waist?

Well a life dream has always been to eat plenty of whatever my heart desires and then stand on a machine and have that waist belt just shake it off. It's a fantasy dream, so none of that. But can we shake the menstrual cramps right out of our body? What would be the biological mechanism for this? Well, distraction is a powerful tool. But actual factual basis of treating menstrual cramps with activity. Not so fast. Although exercise is a prescription commonly avowed by physicians for their patients, it turns out that the data is just not so convincing. firstly many studies have lumped in all sorts of PMS related symptoms (moodiness, anger, bursts of crying) when testing the pull-up, push up or sit-up cures, and secondly some studies have actually shown worse cramping when exercising, so maybe it is just put up! Or maybe my bodies is not like yours or hers, we probably all have some physiological uniqueness that affects our response to exercise as much as it affects our responses to cramps to begin with. And if you are one of the many Americans with no regular physical activity in your life, then you may need to see your gyno to check out your general fitness before you decide to self treat with exercise. Here are some fitness tips to get started with.


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