Sex in the Summer: When Are You Most Likely To Conceive A Healthy Pregnancy

You should always plan your pregnancy, and there is a lot on line, such at the World Health Organization about how to conceive a healthy pregnancy, or at ACOG, or read about it at Mayoclinics online. And then when you are ready, most women are really ready to hurry up and conceive. Well if hot times in the summer make you more interested in sex, good news, you are more likely to conceive a healthy pregnancy in the summer! A study was made of the seasonal variation in all births, and births in Switzerland recorded between 1876 and 1990 at the Folkhalsan Institute of Genetics, Population Genetics Unit, Helsinki, Finland. Over the one hundred years studied some series of decades had more seasonal variations than others! They noted for instance that there was an increase seasonal variation for births was noted for the period 1876-1930, with strong seasonal variation holding for 1921-1980, then less seasonal variation after that!. Twin births showed a strong seasonality for the period 1876-1930, being about 20% higher in March than in October. Apparently illicit sex has it’s cycles as well. There was a marked pattern of the seasonal variation for extramarital births, showing a maximum in February (conceptions in May-June) and a minimum in August (conceptions in November-December) with a difference of no less than 24% was more marked than for the marital births, and the researchers thought that the optimal light, temperature and ‘food supply’ lead to more sex in those early summer months. But perhaps light during the day leads to more ovulation as well, in the days when these things were let to take their ‘natural’ course. Even the health of pregnancies were found to be affected. The stillbirth rate declined from about 40 per 1000 in the 1870s to fewer than 5 per 1000 in the 1980s. Irrespective of this strong decline in the stillbirth rate, the same seasonal rhythm was noticed throughout the period with high stillbirth rates among births around March and low rates during the summer and autumn. So girls, either you are pregnancy planning, or remember to seasonally stock up on the condoms!


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