Ready to Birth Another, If yopu had a C-Section, Maybe You Need to Space The Births Just a Bit More

Birth spacing studies in the USA are a bit hard to find, and mostly they find women have healthy next pregnancies, regardless of the interval. between popping out the next kiddo. Yet some studies say moms really should give their bodies time to heal before embarking on another pregnancy. Of course your previous baby needs to be breastfed and you need to resume ovulation before you get pregnant, and mom's really should be getting proper exercise, normalizing their weight, optimizing their nutrition (like rebuilding your calcium and iron stores), and a bit of sleep to prepare for the next pregnancy. But what if you had a c-section, should you wait longer than the 6-12 months most gynos recommend for birth spacing?  Multiple research studies have now concluded that after a prior c-section, a inter-delivery interval less than 18 months is associated with an increased rate of rupture. Rupture rates are relatively small, and limited by the fact that closer birth spacing is also associated with less chance of having a successful Vaginal birth after c-seciton (VBAC).


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