Pregnancy test Highs and Lows

Got a General Question as to whether the HCG pregnancy hormone levels that a woman has in her system can actually be too high to register on a home pregnancy test? She asked: if some tests are so sensitive that if HCG is too high it won't be picked up on a test. If I took a home pregnancy test at what I might be 14-16 weeks would it show up on a hpt or would it be too high to detect? I also got a blood test done which was negative. That would've been at about 14 weeks. We rapidly start making HCG when we are pregnant and the hormone level should be at about 100 when you miss your period, it peaks around 100K (100,000) 6 weeks after that (10 weeks after the LMP), and peters down to about 10K-20K,depending on the pregnancy another 10 weeks (around the 4 1/2 month stage). So lots of circulating hormone. And no, pregnancy tests never actually get too high to be detected on tests that I know of.


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