Blood Sugar Testing in Pregnancy, Numbers Still Debated

In OBG Management this month it was reported that in " June 2008, the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group convened 225 experts, from 40 countries, to review data and establish new criteria for diagnosing GDM. The panel decided that its target for detailed analysis should be a maternal glucose concentration that resulted in an increased risk of 1.75 for various adverse outcomes." 1: New criteria for making a diagnosis of GDM. Consequently, the Study Group consensus panel concluded that GDM should be diagnosed when any one of three tests is abnormal:fasting venous plasma glucose ≥92 post a meal t;126 mg/dL or after a 75-g oral glucose load (the oral glucose tolerance test [OGTT]) ≥180 mg/dL. This will capture many more individuals in as diabetics. But the good news is that once diagnosed and treated when women watch their sugar intake in pregnancy they can have the same good outcome as non-diabetics!


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