Anti-fungal Treatments are as Overused as Antibiotics

We hear a lot about overuse of antibiotic treatments that may cause eventual harm, even as they treat the original complaint. The FDA even had to weigh in on dog antibiotic overuse!
And in a report issued in September 2013 we have discovered there are over 2 million infections each year in the USA that are resistant to antibiotics! The CDC is warning people regarding these infections and the consequences of overuse of antibiotic treatments.
 Once we thought all fungal (yeast) infections were very susceptible to the treatments available and that testing for susceptibility (like the culture tests we do for UTIs to say whether the antibiotics should work) didn't have to be done. But we are finding more cases of resistance, an there is a known way to check for susceptibility. But these tests are difficult, they may not be available in every laboratory, and they are mostly used for extremely ill individuals with systemic infections. For the average chronic yeast sufferer, the best advice is to not self diagnose.


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