Treated for Cervical Pre-Cancer, But Small Risk Persists

When we pick treatment strategies we like to think that we are giving patients a permanent  cure.And if you are the patient it's natural to believe you have been cured.  So if you have been diagnosed with CIN III also known as carcinoma-in-situ, a pre-invasive cervical condition due to HPV what is the risk of not treating and what is your risk if you have been treated. In general we say there is about a 2% chance that the condition will progress to invasive cervical disease each year if you do not treat. If you treat, and have complete excision, the risk becomes almost negligible, but it's still there. It's about a 3-4/1000 chance (0.3-0.4%) that the disease will progress to invasive cancer. So essentially, the principal still holds, prevention is far superior to treatment. We lowere our risks considerably by getting the treatment, but the inciting agent of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is unlikely to have been eradicated in all cases, thus the risk persists. For more on how to know if you have the HPV virus, check older posts including: The Test and the Testiness.


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