Is Acne Physiologic?

I think we think of physiology as something that is intrinsic to health. Meaning that if you don't have this normal physiology, something is wrong. Like getting that first period, or having that first period stop! If something is so universal that virtually everyone has it, then maybe it's part of our physiology and not part of our pathology. Acne is one of those things. Basically the follicle in the dermis proliverates, the sebum production goes up, inflammation moves in and then the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria moves in for the full on pimple. So back to the physiology part, maybe it's the skin's way of getting rid of toxins that shouldn't be there. Ah ha! That's the answer, figure out a way to get rid of toxins: scrubbing, cleansing, prepping, peeling, all that sort of thing in the skin and we can be physiological and beautiful.


  1. I think yours is the best post that i have ever read on the topic 'acne', it's really very informative and knowledge providing and i am very much thankful to you for that.

  2. Thanks! Appreciate feedback!

  3. I found this survey really interesting considering the position of women with the climatic condition. But i think there is a need to change the perception of ours for the women gender. we can't get rid of our responsibilities by just blaming the climatic conditions.

  4. Most women consider a lot of complexities I would say, not just a climatic condition. Anyone else thinking this too?

  5. Yes women want to know all the complexities! And the environment and anything that can affect them! Thanks!


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